Nykøbing – Explore the old city at Guldborgsund

Nykøbing, the capital of the Danish island of Falster, paints a picturesque and relaxed image. In the narrow streets quaint houses from the 17th century jostle beside one another. The monastery church has been watching over the lively hustle and bustle in the pedestrian area and the markets for more than 500 years. »Gamle Købmandshandel«, the old general store, is not quite as old. Everything here still appears as it did in Grandma’s times. A piece of cultural history is the archaeological museum in the Tsar’s house which recounts tales of a bygone era, bringing the history of the island of Falster from times of yore up to the present day to life.

It takes exactly 147 steps to reach the most beautiful view of Nykøbing. These lead to the distinctive water tower in Hollands Gård. From the 32 metre high viewing point visitors can enjoy the panoramic views across the rooftops of the city and the Guldborgsund. The tower is also home to a changing exhibition of art and culture.

The city centre from the Middle Ages appears to have been slumbering over the centuries. Noble knights compete in heart-stopping tournaments and giant catapults demonstrate their awesome power.  

more information about Lolland-Falster: www.visitlolland-falster.com

A | Medieval centre
B | Toy museum
C | Theatre
D | Czarens Hus – Cultural History
E | Water tower
F | Hairdressing Museum
G | Fire Brigade Museum
H | Zoo