FAQ for the InterCombi Ticket

1. Where can I buy an InterCombi ticket?

InterCombi-Tickets are exclusively offered as MobileTickets and can be purchased via the app or the mobile web shop of the transport cooperation Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW).


2. What’s the deadline for booking?

Single tickets must be booked on the planned travel day immediately before departure. Day tickets can be booked up to one week before the planned trip.

3. Are there any discounts for my children?           

Children who have not yet had their 4th birthday travel for free. Children ages 4 to 11 receive discounted pricing. 

4. I have a severe disability. Can I travel for free?

No, the disabled must buy a ticket. If you provide proof of disability, one person and/or support dog may accompany at no extra charge.

5. Is the transport accessible?

The busses, trams, and S-Bahn trains in Rostock are accessible. You can also board the ferry with a wheelchair.

The Movia busses in Denmark are not even with the pavement. Two areas are reserved in each bus for wheelchairs, prams, and bicycles.

6. Can I bring my pram or bicycle? If I buy a ticket, am I ensured that I can bring my pram/bicycle along?

Prams for accompanying children may be brought on board free of charge. 

Bicycles cannot be brought along by passengers travelling on the InterCombi ticket. We recommend instead that you purchase a Person + Bike ticket for the ferry ride from Scandlines. Bicycles also require a ticket to ride public transport in Rostock and Gedser.

Whether they can be taken along depends on the vehicle and how full it is. 

7. Do dogs need a ticket?

All dogs, whatever the size, need their own InterCombi Ticket for dogs.

8. How often do the busses depart between Nykøbing F. and Gedser ferry?

Here you can find the bus timetable from Movia from/to the Gedser ferry. 

11. What do I do if a ferry is late or cancelled and I miss my next connection?           

If ferries are delayed or cancelled, you may file a claim pursuant to EC Regulation 1177/2010 on the rights of passengers travelling by sea and inland waterway. Go to http://www.scandlines.de/kunden-service/eu-verordnung-1177-2010.aspx for more information.

You must obtain confirmation of the delay or cancellation from the ferry terminal check-in.

According to the General Terms for the InterCombi Ticket, you may request a refund of the fare or for partial performance.

12. What can I do if my connection to the ferry is late?

You may continue your journey with the next ferry.

If this is not possible, according to the General Terms for the InterCombi Ticket, you may request a refund of the fare or for partial performance.

If you are responsible for not reaching the ferry on time, you will be charged a processing fee.